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Acclaimed Celebrity Voice Coach Reveals Star Making Tips And Tricks That Will Help You Sing Better Today.


  • "My voice is so much better. I can hit high notes now without sounding like a dying German Shepherd!"

    ~Miley CyrusSinger, Songwriter, and Actress
  • "Renee has changed my whole approach to singing. After  I started with Renee, everything started to fall  into place and make things a lot easier. The difference is in pitch and power. Her teaching has given me a lot more confidence in my singing ability."

    ~Tim McGraw Country Music Artist
  • "I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee’s tricks of the trade as early as possible."

    ~Paul WorleyExecutive VP Sony Records
  • "She’s been phenomenal to my daughter and to all my clients I represent Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, that’s just a number of people I represent and I co-represent Christina Aguilera. So anyway when they have a little problem I say here’s a phone number call and get on the  phone. I just want to say thank you because I think she’s phenomenal."

    ~Rod EssigCAA
  • "Renee Grant-Williams is kind, helpful, and effective. Her knowledge of the voice and how it works is outstanding."

    ~Jennette McCurdyActress, iCarly
  • "Loose, funny, relaxed -- unlike any voice teacher I’ve ever known."

    ~Songwriters Guild Of America
  • "Renee is the best vocal coach in the world!"

    ~Bob WeirThe Grateful Dead
  • "I have learned more in the last few months with these free lessons than I have my entire career!"

    ~Ron Boudreau
  • "Another tip from Renee Grant Williams, if you have not signed up on her free singing videos, do yourself a favor! and DO IT!"

    ~Karen Thomsen
  • "I follow all of your awesome vocal lessons. I recommend any of the musicians and singers who are my friends go to Renee Grant-Williams site and take those FREE lessons!"

    ~Michael Updike
  • "You have a way of explaining things that QUICKLY makes sense and makes a difference. Thanks just isn't enough... Your tips, your advice, and all of the resources on your website are PRICELESS!!!! Thank you for all those FREE video lessons! Only Love For You and DEEP Sincere Gratitude!

    ~Tonya Face of Classic
  • "I am totally blown away with both the Masterclass and the one on one class. I have learned more in one hour than I have in 35 years of singing."  

    ~Cameron Mason
  • "The top singers always go to Renee Grant-Williams. That's how they get on top and stay there."

    ~Barry Cown
  • "Your tips are so great! You are the best! Most teachers won't give any tips for free. Thank you for being the best!"

    ~Buck Ellard
  • "Renee Grant-Williams, absolutely the BEST on planet earth! She's on top of her professional game..."

    ~Gary Mccray
  • "Singers, take advantage of this resource. Sign up for Renee's free help. One day you might want to be her student and you will be ahead of the game."

    ~Don Holmes

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